Winamp will return from the ashes as promised from 2018

U.S.A.Winamp will return from the ashes as promised from...

Winamp to return to music services (Photo: Archive)

Famous Winamp is about to be resurrected and launched from the ashes a new face of your service For now, there is a section available for those who want to help try beta version of your media player.

On his new website he explained that: “Something big is about to happen. we are building Winamp for the next generation”. While it doesn’t report in detail when and how this will happen, it does promise that it won’t be just an update as they will be a total makeover to connect people to the music of their favorite artists.

According to his own description, “Winamp This is a legend. Changing the rules of the game since 1997. A multimedia player with a legacy and a vibrant community of 80 million active users worldwide today”.

New image of Winamp (Photo: Winamp)
New image of Winamp (Photo: Winamp)

He promises artists and audio producers that he will give them control over all of their content, to help them connect more closely with fans, as well as profit. reasonable income They are doing what they love. In that sense, it offers solo artists and groups to register to receive updates on winamp. new era of And how to release your music.

The site also offers an opportunity to become a Social To do business when they are close to releasing their audio player update. “Whatever business opportunities you have in mind, we’d love to chat.”

They are also interested in hiring more employees during this process, so they leave another section available on their site for people who believe they meet the profile and live in those areas.

Winamp promised a comeback in 2019 (Photo: Winamp)
Winamp promised a comeback in 2019 (Photo: Winamp)

as they complete their build updated platform To listen to podcasts or radio stations, it is possible to download its latest version released in 2018, which is 5.8. was, and they assure that it is safe to use.

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At the moment it is not known exactly what kind of service it will provide WinampHowever, it is speculated that it will no longer be an application for playing MP3 files, as it does not currently matter much, so it may enter the streaming competition.

In the past, when it was fashionable to download mp3 files Winamp was the favorite application of users to bring them with them everywhere on mobile devices, and there were even customizable skins, however, it lost its popularity in the second decade of the century.

It was in 2013 when it “died”, pirated versions circulated for a few years and in 2018 it released its latest official version. in the same year, alexandre saboundjianThe CEO of Radionomy announces his return for 2019.

This is how Winamp looked fashionable when playing MP3 files (Photo: Archive)
This is how Winamp looked fashionable when playing MP3 files (Photo: Archive)

“You can listen to MP3s at your home, but also listen to cloud, podcasts, radio stations in real time, a playlist you would have created,” he said at the time, but none of them were ever heard from again. . promising return.

Three years after the last Winamp update and its CEO’s promise, it looks like the return of the legendary music player will be a reality that has all eyes on them.

Upon their return they will have to contend with well-established music streaming services in the market, such as: YouTube Music, Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music, which may also offer free trial services so users are confident they have options. . which suits your needs.

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