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“Wind and hail disaster” in Jiangxi killed 7 people and affected 93,000

Jiangxi has recently suffered strong infectious weather, causing what the mainland calls a “wind and hail disaster”. Affected by heavy rains and strong winds, thousands of houses in Jiangxi have been damaged, dozens of houses collapsed and were seriously damaged, and large areas of crops were affected. So far seven people have been infected. As a result, 93,000 people were killed and affected by the disaster, with direct economic losses reaching 150 million yuan (about US$20 million).

According to a report from the Jiangxi Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, as of 10:00 on April 3, local wind and hailstorms that began on March 31 affected 93,000 people and killed 7 people in 9 districts and cities. And in 54 counties including Nanchang and Jiujiang, 552 people were transferred for emergency evacuation, and 263 people were relocated and resettled.

At the same time, this round of disasters affected 57,000 hectares of crop area in Jiangxi, 12 houses with 44 households collapsed, 80 houses with 192 households were seriously damaged, 2,751 houses with 4107 households were generally damaged, And the direct economic loss was 150 million RMB. The official report states that the disaster situation is still subject to statistical verification.

It is understood that Jiangxi has entered strong convective weather since March 23, and has experienced 4 severe convective weather processes so far. Last night, the Jiangxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau announced major meteorological disasters (Storm) The emergency response was upgraded to Level 2, and the Jiangxi Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters also initiated Level 3 flood control emergency response.

In addition, the Jiangxi Provincial Hydrological Monitoring Center released at 11 am on the 3rdfloodBlue warning indicates that due to heavy rainfall, flooding around warning level is likely in the Lepping City section of the main stream of the River Lea over the next five hours; The water level in the Yongxiu County section of the main stream of the Ziyu River is fluctuating and currently exceeds the warning level by 0.31 metres.

Jiangxi has recently experienced strong infectious weather, strong winds and heavy rains, and there is water on the streets in Nanchang.China News Service



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