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In winters everyone should take special care of their skin. You need to pay special attention to which cream you are using on your skin this season. There seems to be some laziness in winter. Health issues are all around it. Cold and cough are common, but skin problems are also common. Skin care is neglected due to laziness in the winter season. However, in winter as well as in summer, the skin needs special care.

In winter everyone’s skin becomes very dry and lifeless. To avoid this, many people recommend cold cream. It often happens that any cream available in the market is applied without knowing their skin type. This is followed by pimples, dryness, irritation and other problems on the skin. This means that the creams we apply in winters should be used only after proper selection.

Do you know how to choose the right cream based on your skin tone?

1. Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, then obviously the amount of oil in your skin is less. Because of this, even after applying the cream on the skin, it dries very quickly. The cream on such skin does not work for long. In such a situation, dry skin can break very quickly even in cold weather. For this type of skin, you should choose creams that have hydrating properties.

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2. Oily skin

Most people have oily skin even in winters. The face looks oily for people with this skin type. People who have similar problem, applying cream on their face will make them more oily. The problem of dust, dirt, pimples is more on oily skin. In such a situation, those with oily skin should understand that gels and serums have very little hydrating properties. Such people should be extremely careful while choosing a body lotion.

3. Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin may get itchy skin in winters. Those with such skin should be very careful in choosing the cream for themselves. This is because most creams on the skin cause allergic reactions. Whenever possible, these people should choose creams that do not contain antioxidants or fragrances.

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