With kisses and hugs: this is how Canelo lvarez celebrated Eddie Reynoso’s recognition in the Senate

U.S.A.With kisses and hugs: this is how Canelo lvarez...

this thursday afternoon republic senate Edison recognized the career of Omar Reynoso Sandoval, who was known for the . is referred to as Eddie Renoso. leader of canelo team He was honored for his extensive career in the game of cuffs and gloves.

were present at the ceremony Sister-In-Law Canelo alvarez, who was impressed by the award received by his coach. Eddie Reynoso and Saul both honored in front of the full chamber of senators Those who witnessed the event, in particular his most recent achievement, the amalgamation of 168 pounds.

Every time Saul not split from Eddie Reynoso, Shortly before leaving for the main hall, where the event would take place, Saul gave his 45-year-old coach a big hug. In the company of Ricardo Monreal, the senator, he gave a talk before the ceremony.

Saúl Canelo lvarez himself attended the ceremony, impressed by the award received by his coach (Photo: Twitter / @senadomexicano)

When it came time to introduce the award, Saul never stopped admiring his teacher and gave all the time and recognition to those who have been with him for more than 10 years.

But what was different was emotional response to Canelo When Montreal handed him the diploma in the hands of Addison Omar, as the Guadalajara boxer jumped in joy and hugged his coach; Also, within a hug exchange, they kissed Eddie Reynoso on the cheek, a fact that was captured in photographs and videos.

The action immediately went viral through social networks, because Saul Alvarez expressed his true affection To the man who has been with her in the most important achievements of her career. There was applause in the room. Shortly afterwards, it was Alvarez’s turn to receive a diploma to become the first Mexican super middleweight champion.

Eddie Reynoso was recognized in the Senate for his career in support of boxing (Photo: Twitter @senadomexicano)
Eddie Reynoso was recognized in the Senate for his career in support of boxing (Photo: Twitter @senadomexicano)

Within the speech Reynoso gave, he dedicated a few words to the Guadalajara boxer and thanked him for the opportunity to direct his career as a professional boxer. with a broken voice Eddie Reynoso Wasn’t Embarrassed About How Much He Had Moved for its specifics.

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“Grateful to Canelo, who has always been with me, in fact I am very excited because It has been difficult to be where we are and I am very loud, as you see, but I am very proud of all the work,” he remarked.

The coach, originally from Guadalajara, dedicated a few words and sentiments to his family that it recognized him before the Senate of the Republic and what it meant for him.

,proud to be hereIt is very important to me, to my sport, that I represent boxing; He For the first time a boxing coach got recognition, Grateful to my dad who started me in boxing, my mom.”

Canelo Alvarez and Eddie Reynoso
Canelo lvarez hugs Eddie Reynoso for his award in the Senate (Photo: Senate of the Republic)

It should be remembered that last October, Eddie Reynoso was also nominated by the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (conde) to receive the award for the best sports coach this 2021. However, he did not win the award. With this nomination, there have already been two consecutive years in which he is considered for the badge.

Recently with the 59th Annual Conference of the World Boxing Council (CMB) In Mexico City, Eddie Reynoso requests approval for the next great challenge Canelo Alvarez, who will fight for the cruiserweight belt against member macaboo, the current champion of the category.

The WBC later allowed the fight to proceed and authorized Saul Alvarez to fight for the Cruiserweight Championship. Now Eddie Reynoso’s career and his own Canelo will be tested again And 2022 will be a year of challenges for Guadalajara.

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