With Marlon Moreno and Mr. Black in Cast, Disney Records Series About Champeta

U.S.A.With Marlon Moreno and Mr. Black in Cast, Disney...

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fans of a recent announcement Marlon Moreno, who reported via their social networks that they have already started recording ‘Champeta, the rhythm of the land’a series of milf Disney Which is inspired by this rhythm that originated in the Colombian Caribbean and for which he was selected from among the artists.

This production, which is carried out in collaboration with Vista Inc and has its main locations in Santa Marta and Bogota, Tells the story of two youths who fall in love while dancing in the streets and discover that through dance they awaken supernatural forces with which they can save the earth from the dreaded threat of destruction.,

The series features original music composed and produced by a Colombian artist. Mr Black ‘El President, Apart from this, he plays the role of ‘Chhamo’ in the story. Also, the heroes of this new story are keeler de la hojo In the role of ‘Duma‘, Daniela Trujillo ,Disney Bea, Disney Channel) Como ‘Fatima’, Marlon Moreno Will perform ‘Alias’ and Barbara Perea The hero will give life to ‘Alma’.

“These are huge projects and you have to keep everything in reserve. We have already done 10 songs, I have put music in the whole series, I am also acting, something which is not new for me, as I do it in my videos and I did it in miniseries 3 Goalpes in 2019 Also did what was aired on it. Telecaribe and which also featured Kevin Florez, Louis Towers, Elio Boom and Melchor, exposed the Cartagena singer in statements collected by the newspaper ‘Santa Marta al Día’.

It is noteworthy that this new production is part of the catalog that Disney+ has included for Latin America and was developed in the region, according to Walt Disney CompanyIn line with its commitment to creating content of local relevance to the service of streamingProvide tie-ups with local production houses and connect recognized talent for new promises of action.

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Meanwhile, Disney is expected to release the trailer of ‘Champeta, The Rhythm of the Earth’ and announce its release date, although it is rumored that it will take place in mid-2022.

Photos: Disney
Photos: Disney

Disney has another series running in Colombia these days ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’, a story inspired by the book of the same name Julio Verne, which tells the adventures of a group of children who enter a parallel dimension and discover a world full of fascinating things.

Directed by Mexican filmmaker José Manuel Cravioto, this new narrative adventure series tells the story of Diego (played by Sebastian García), who is sent by his parents to the camp of Pompilio Calderón (Oscar Genada). There, along with his brothers and friends, he finds the abandoned car of his grandmother Pola (Margarita Rosa de Francisco), and following in her footsteps, he reaches a mysterious portal into another dimension.

When Diego discovers a powerful family secret, he understands that he must protect the dimension he has found, but the mission is not that simple: Pompilio and his henchmen. Claudio (‘El Diablito’ Barrientos) will do everything possible to destroy the fantastic world they have managed to enter.

In addition, the cast is completed by the artist. manuel marquez (Peter in the story), paola miguelo (Ana), Valery Saiso (Laura), Camila Nuejo (Purple), Carla Adele (Andrea), Emilio Trevino (Felipe), Israel Capetillo (mauro), Camila Valero (Evelyn), luigi cerada (Antonio), Louisiana Tappan (Raquel), daniel sanzo (pot) and Maximiliano Uribe (Fermin).

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