With the change in dynamics, this is how a new day of demonstrations was lived

U.S.A.With the change in dynamics, this is how a...

Members of the Feminist Assembly hold a demonstration with a sign of “patriarchal injustice” as they take part in a night march to protest gender-based violence and the ongoing court proceedings of fellow feminist activists during the International Day for the Elimination of Violence. against women, in Valencia, Spain, November 25, 2021. Reuters/Eva Manejo

This Thursday, November 25, there were marches and demonstrations again in the national arena. Various union organisations, teachers and feminist groups announced picketing at various points. The main reason was the commemoration of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

However, labor unions indicated that their presence on the streets was to protest, in addition to commemoration, the government of Ivan Duque. Two years since the signing of the final peace agreement and the 2019 national strike.

Another reason for taking to the streets “is the collapse of bills presented to the Congress of the Republic that sought to relieve the Colombian agricultural sector; Basic income subsidy of minimum wage for 10 million households and the creation of the Special Police Dialogue and Mediation Unit”.

The day passed peacefully. The heavy rains that have occurred in the recent past in various parts of the country remained present during the afternoon and night.


Several mobilizations were reported in the nation‘s capital; However, not as massive as other occasions.

Despite the fact that the number of people who joined the march was not monumental, it was substantial enough that during the day there were many changes in the dynamics of the city.

From ten o’clock in the morning, members of the Fécod and the Central Uniteria de los Trabajadores made an appearance in the national park to mobilize later towards the Plaza de Bolivar. They were accompanied by cultural programs and traditional batukda during the day.

Around noon, Bogota’s public transport system began reporting Closed in stations located at the base of the tenth race.

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During the day, there were reports of strikes not only in the city center but also in the south, at the national university and on the Suba Transmillenio portal.

Reported at 7:20, TransMilenio assures that “the fleet was already enabled in a south-and-south-north direction through Caracas on Calle 26. The fleet reaches Calle 6 to Carrera 10 and north to Caracas.” Jimenez and Evie goes down by Dorado to take the lead.

with this, In that the feeding system was enabled in the portal. On the other hand, “due to displacement performance the trunk fleet returns to 1 with Caracas and Calle 26. The HK54 service makes a detour via Calle 6 and NQS in both directions”.

Medellin, Cali and Bucaramanga

Several demonstrations took place in the capital Antioquia, affecting the operation of the metro lines.

Although the day passed peacefully, the transport system reported some pause in its operations. However, at this time Services were restored.

Metro de Medellin reported around 6:00 pm, “Once the civil demonstrations on Avenida Oriental have been overcome, bus line 2 re-establishes its commercial service between Aranjuez and UDM.”

A few minutes later, he assured that bus line 1 had re-established its commercial service between UdeM and Aranjuez.

Different saplings were planted in the capital of Valle del Cauca, but, Like other cities, under complete peace.

Demonstrations took place in San Francisco Square and in front of the Valle del Caca government.

Bucaramanga’s feminist group met at Plaza Luis Carlos Galán. Various artistic and cultural activities were organized at that place, denying the violence against women during the day.

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