Without Elkan Baggot, this is Nova Arianto’s comment

SportsWithout Elkan Baggot, this is Nova Arianto's comment

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ANTALYAIndonesian National team no defender Elkan Baggot when testing the toughness of the Myanmar national team, Thursday (25/11/2021). Trainer Shin Tae-yong looking for the right option to replace the role of the tall defender in the starting XI.

Elkan returns to his club, Ipswich Town. Facing Myanmar is not included in the FIFA Matchday agenda. Therefore, Nova Arianto as the assistant coach said he was looking for an option that was commensurate with Elkan’s replacement.

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“Yes, what is certain is that in the absence of Elkan, we are looking for a replacement option and hopefully everything can be maximized,” Nova said to this media when asked about who would replace Elkan, Wednesday (11/24/2021).

Judging from the results of the trial against the Afghan national team on November 16, the role of the 19-year-old player is very vital. He managed to guard the door of defense well because he did not concede while he was on the field.

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Elkan did not play fully in the match because it looked injured in the 68th minute. Unbearable and unwilling to take risks, he was replaced by Victor Igbonefo in the 72nd minute.

The door of the Red and White team’s defense was immediately missed 13 minutes later. Omid Popalzay managed to tear Muhammad Riyandi’s net in the 85th minute. He took advantage of the lack of communication between Igbonefo and other colleagues who were in front of the goal mouth.

Ahead of facing Myanmar, Nova also has not been able to reveal who will replace Elkan. The decision is entirely in the hands of Shin Tae-Yong. However, he also hopes that any players who are deployed can perform optimally.

“Regarding who will be fielded is all in the head coach, so just wait for who will be fielded tomorrow’s match,” he continued.

As additional information, it’s not only Elkan who will be absent for tomorrow’s match. Another player with a career in Europe, namely Egy Maulana Vikri who returned to his team in Slovakia, FK Senica.


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