Woman denounced “Ladies of Houcan” for injecting ‘airplane oil’ into her buttocks and leaving her in critical condition

U.S.A.Woman denounced "Ladies of Houcan" for injecting 'airplane oil'...

One woman condemned that they injected her with airplane oil.

A woman has nightmares after injecting airplane oil into her buttocks. Yesenia Huisa Condemned it Berenice Estrada Carranza For this bad exercise during a buttock lifting procedure at a Gamra store in July.

The victim told that as a first procedure, they put about 100 syringes on both the buttocks and supposedly it was a gel that stretched the area, but this never happened, on the contrary, everything began to deteriorate to such an extent that she cannot walk easily.

“I can’t walk or sit. I have depression, I cry a lot about it and I don’t want to see how the affected area is. I can’t even sit or sit, less able to lie down . I live in hell”He asked for a Latina newscast.

After this serious case of negligence, Yesenia again tried to communicate with Berenice Estrada Carranza, but the false Cosmiatra blocked her from all her social networks.

During these months, she lodged her complaint at the Brenna police station. However, this universe will continue to promote these harmful processes under the slogan “Your life will never be the same” as Journalism reports.

As is known, the place where Yesenia was interred will no longer exist and will be only somewhat temporary and after hearing the complaints, the woman ran away aimlessly. On the other hand, the victim told that after two months the woman tried to contact him to withdraw the complaint.

“He’s going to pay for the clinic where he’s going to pay for the whole procedure, but he tells me not to report it. It’s also communicating with the other affected parties that they can take their planes.” Allegedly take back the oil, but it’s a lie”, he confirmed.

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they were taken into custody

About a month ago, this organization named “” was arrested by the National Police.Women of Huaycan ”, They were also able to confiscate syringes, stretchers in poor condition, machines used to perform liposuction, buttock lifts.

Brenna’s research department managed to intervene in a secret clinic where illegal practices such as liposuction were carried out”Explained to the commander in charge of this investigation.

Similarly, the officials assured that this investigation was done for weeks and the police had already kept them on their heels. He also assured that these women are working in different districts of the capital.

“There are three female men who, at the time of the intervention, found that they had a secret office, where they did liposculpture and liposuction, under the guise of a beauty center”, said Colonel Javier Vela, the head of the Western Police Division at the time.

He promoted his work through flyers, which at first glance coincided with spa procedures, but already when he gained the trust of his clients, he offered these “arrangements.” such as fillers, liposuction, among others”, added the police force for the ATV.

It can be seen in the images that the butt lift treatment he charged for 250 soles, when it is known in the formal market that this type of process does not go down 2,000 soles,

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