Woman sent to jail for killing son

U.S.A.Woman sent to jail for killing son

The mother may have killed her son in Bogota by injecting him with drugs. /screenshot

José Manuel Martínez Malver, Director of the Bogota Section of the Attorney General’s Office, told this Saturday, November 20, Capturing and imprisoning a foreign woman who allegedly injected drugs to her two-year-old son, taking his life.

“A prosecutor from the Bogota Branch Life Unit succeeded in prosecuting a woman who allegedly killed her two-year-old son. According to an investigation conducted in collaboration with Bogota CTI., The events will have taken place on November 12, 2021 at a hotel in the Normandia neighborhood of the city of Engativá, when the police radio station reported the death of a child below the age of 2 years,” the official said.

He later reported that it didn’t take long for officials to determine that the woman had injected the boy with an unspecified drug, on the night of November 11, causing death.

The child’s mother was reportedly admitted to the Diocese hospital at that time. He had injured himself and tried to jump off the bridge on foot She was stopped by the police at TransMilenio 21 Angeles station and taken to the medical center.

woman from there She was transferred to the Peace ClinicThe health centre, CTI and police arrived in an operation carried out on November 17, 2021, to enforce an arrest warrant against him.

Soon after, he was taken to a preliminary hearing before a judge with the task of controlling the guarantee, where the prosecutor’s office prepared indictment for the offense of heinous murder, the charge which was not accepted by the processed and that It carries a prison sentence of 208 to 450 months.

In the end, and despite the defendant’s refusal, the Bogota-based Togado imposed an assurance measure in a prison, While the case against him has been resolved. Officials did not disclose the atonement to which he would be transferred.

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It should be noted that those have been busy days for the prosecutor’s office in terms of protecting children and adolescents. Only yesterday, prosecutor Martinez himself confirmed the arrest of eight people named induce prostitution To a group of minors in the Santa Fe neighborhood in the heart of the Colombian capital.

they are members of “The criminal organization Casa Inglesa, Where many people have allegedly used minors for sexual exploitation.”

The official said the arrests were made as part of an investigation conducted by a prosecutor from the Bogota Support Structure Unit in conjunction with the Colombian capital’s Cijin judicial police. those who followed the path of owners and managers of commercial establishments Dedicated to prostitution in that tolerance zone in the center of Bogota.

Officials indicated that as a result of follow-up work, it was possible to determine that the people involved They were allowing the entry of minors, in exchange for money, for the practice of sexual activities.

“Have been rightly charged for his crimes” human trafficking, that it is an extremely serious offence, which carries a sentence of 13 to 23 years; and crime encouragement of prostitution of minors, That it carries a sentence of 10 to 14 years,” the prosecutor said, adding that none of the men admitted to the charges.

After the arrest, the accused unit took eight people before the Municipal Criminal Judge 28 with the task of guaranteeing control, Which implemented seven prison security measures. He also released Aleida Ramona Sanchez, although the prosecutor’s office has already appealed the decision.

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