“Women’s Claims Are Legitimate”: Arturo Zaldivar #25N. supported demonstrations during

U.S.A."Women's Claims Are Legitimate": Arturo Zaldivar #25N. supported...

Later Demonstration of women and feminist groups in different parts of the country within the framework of #25N, Presiding Minister of the Supreme Court of the Nation (scjn, arturo zaldivar, noticed that they are one “valid answer” What they live before the daily violence.

This was stated this Thursday by the chairman of the Federal Judicial Council (cjf) during a meeting to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women:

“The claims of women are valid. And if they turn violent sometimes, it is because they face violence every day, in every nook and corner of the country.”

Just over 1,500 people participated in the demonstration at CDMX (Photo: Karina Hernandez / infobay) (Karina Hernandez /)

For this reason he called upon all the officers of the country to Create zero tolerance public policies Against sexual harassment and gender based violence. and that he insisted that Silence, neutrality and indifference They are also violence.

“We cannot continue to allow a country where girls and women are violated every day. We should make such public policies that prevent this situation, we should also take such action which can lead to impunity.”

He insisted that as a society it should be open to discussion and there should be ways to reverse it. Female murder, rape and physical assault towards women, girls and adolescents, as he said they are clusters of micro-chaps That Mexican women suffer throughout their lives and in all fields.

(Photo: Twitter/SCJN)
Meeting within the framework of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (Photo: Twitter / SCJN)

“We have to eliminate matches in our country, we have an obligation to start doing it from home in education, schools and work. […] We overlook the fact that crimes of extreme violence do not arise spontaneously, it is because women are living in an environment of subtlety.”

Finally, she reiterated her personal and institutional commitment to the human rights of all women and girls in Mexico. “Until dignity and equality become custom”,

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For his part, the minister Yasmin EsquivelThe chairman of the Inter-institutional Committee for Gender Equality of the Judiciary indicated that, although progress in this matter is undeniable, He expressed regret that violence against women continues.

Minister Yasmin Esquivel, chair of the Inter-institutional Committee for Gender Equality of the Judiciary (Photo: Twitter/SCJN)
Minister Yasmin Esquivel, President of CIIGPJ (Photo: Twitter/SCJN)

“For example, official statistics point to an upward trend in the crime of rape; In addition, around 33 calls for help to 911 are recorded every hour.”

Ministers participated in the program organized in Mural area of ​​SCJN HQ building Ana Margarita Rios Farjati And Norma Lucia Pina Hernandezou, magistrate Monica Early Soto Fregoso Electoral Tribunal and Counselor of the PJF (TEPJF) Eva Veronica Gyvés Zárate. By of CJF.

On Thursday afternoon, feminist collectivists, civil unions and victims’ families held protests in various states of the country demanding an end to sexist violence. At least 11 women are murdered every day.

Mexico - Marcha - Women - Gender violence - November 25 - 2021 (24) .jpg
Vandalism at the Historic Center (Photo: Karina Hernandez / infobay) (Karina Hernandez /)

In Mexico CityOfficials said the demonstrations were mostly peaceful. 1,500 people participated.

This is due to the fact that a group of people covered their faces using explosive devices, hammers, smoke bombs, sticks, spray paint and other objects. Police officers committing acts of vandalism and assault, at Ignacio Ramírez Street, Paseo de la Reforma, Hidalgo Avenue, Juárez Avenue, 5 de Mayo and Plaza de la Constitution.

In this regard the Rescue and Emergency Medical Team (Huh) On-site medical care provided 17 peopleOut of which five were civilians including 11 policemen, a public servant and a member of the media. No transfer is required.

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