Working in Serenazgo: Know the Requirements to Stay Calm in Lima

U.S.A.Working in Serenazgo: Know the Requirements to Stay Calm...

Unite for the security of the country. If you are planning to be part of a district or the Serenazzo body of Lima municipality, you should note that by area they can be divided as follows:

Quiet motorized, driver and/or pedestrian. The choice will depend on the profile you hold and the skills you have as well as the permit to drive. you might be interested in A Peruvian municipality claims its protection plan,


Next, we share the main requirements to be able to apply for any of the vacancies. The information is drawn from the various CAS calls made in the municipalities during the year. read also How to Enroll in the United States Armed Forces: Requirements for Peruvians and Foreigners,

minimum requirements

Academic Training: Completed Secondary

Technical knowledge: first aid, fire extinguisher handling and safety

Experience: One (01) year experience in Public or Private Sector. Specific Experience: Three (03) months experience in the work or subject

Cross-cutting skills or competencies: High sense of responsibility, communication, willingness to work as a team, self-control, mobility, service occupation, eye-hand-foot coordination

additional requirements

Driver’s License Class B Category II B, Rotational Shift

Driver’s License Class A Category II A, Rotating Shifts

For the first part of the selection, you will need to submit the following documents: Descriptive Course Life, Academic Training Certificate, Certificates of Courses, Workshops, Diploma or Specialization Program, Work Certificate and Oath Statement).

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Main function as Nirmal

How much does a Sereno make?

Monthly compensation approx S / .1,800.00 . Is (one thousand eight hundred 00/100 soles), including taxes and affiliations of law, as well as any deductions applicable to the contract under this method.

Where to apply?

To become part of Serenazgo, you need to enter a municipality’s website and go to the section that indicates “CAS call”. In this you will get job offers for that month, and for which you can apply.

On the recruitment of personnel for the Serenazzo works in 2021

Municipal employees hired by the CAS regime can be rotated in their duties, If you have another labor arrangement, you can be hired through the CAS regime if the said employees are immediately under the purview of Decree 034-2021, otherwise they can be hired through TUO of Legislative Decree No. 728 could.

It is important to note that due to Law No. 31131, which establishes provisions for eradicating discrimination in public sector labor systems, there is currently a limit on the hiring of personnel under the CAS regime, therefore, by the CAS regime. Existing personnel assigned to perform other functions may be rotated to perform municipal guard duties.

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