Worldwide! World Badminton Star Magic Kecak Dance at Indonesia Open 2021

SportsWorldwide! World Badminton Star Magic Kecak Dance at...

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BADUNG – Participants of the 2021 Indonesia Badminton Festival have the opportunity to visit one of the famous destinations in Bali, Uluwatu Temple. A day before the Indonesia Open 2021, the participants were introduced to the natural beauty and culture of Bali, Monday (22/11/2021) afternoon WITA.

The world‘s badminton players take a break from their activities as athletes. For the first time, they were allowed to leave The Westin Resort area with very strict protocols.

Uluwatu Temple is a leading destination in Bali. The athletes not only enjoy the natural beauty of the beach and cliffs, but the Kecak Dance performance will be the main attraction.

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The visit of the participants of the 2021 Indonesia Badminton Festival has received permission from various related parties including the Bali Tourism Office. Moreover, the athletes and their entourage have been quarantined at the Westin Resort since last November 10.

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Strict security is also carried out, including traveling from the Westin Resort area to Uluwatu Temple. Likewise, when at Uluwatu Temple, the place is sterilized and the group of athletes is strictly guarded so that they are not directly touched by outside parties.

A number of badminton players from various countries participated in this visit. The Danish representative, Anders Antonsen, was also present. There is also an Indian star, Sindhu PV. Including the representatives of the country who also enjoyed the visit to Uluwatu Temple.

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The performance of the Kecak Dance is the main dish on a visit to Uluwatu Temple. While this visit is getting sweeter with a beautiful sunset view.

Previously, the athletes had undergone strict health protocols, especially the PCR test. The last time they tested it was Sunday, November 21, 2021.


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