Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Xbox’s ‘Grounding’ is getting an animated TV adaptation

grounda survival co-op that combines the following elements darling i shrunk the baby and Bugsis getting an animated TV adaptation, as first reported deadline. Brent Friedman Star Wars: The Clone Wars will write stories, with Halo 4of Brian Goodrich in the director’s chair.

ground Developed by Obsidian Entertainment and launched on Xbox and PC in 2020.The game gathers more than 10 million players and follows a group of four friends shrunk to the size of ants, similar to the premise of the 1989 film darling i shrunk the babyAs they battle their way through a backyard filled with now-giant insects, they must gather resources, craft supplies and build a survival base.

Waterproof Studios/SC Productions, Kinetic Media and Bardel Entertainment will produce the animated series, but it’s unclear where the series will air or if it will become a streaming exclusive.

ground Join several other games that are (or have) adapted to the big or small screen.Paramount Plus debuts live-action version halo series earlier this year, and is also working on a Knuckles-centric series Sonic the Hedgehog. Other adaptations – such as last survivor TV drama, Borderlands movies, and need two – and Disco Elysium Also in progress.


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