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Xi Jinping Warns Biden on Taiwan Reunification During U.S.-China Summit

Exclusive Insight: Chinese President Reveals Intent to Reunify Taiwan, But Without a Set Timetable

NBC News, in an exclusive report on the 20th, disclosed details from the recent U.S.-China summit in San Francisco, where Chinese President Xi Jinping conveyed to U.S. President Joe Biden China’s determination to reunify Taiwan but refrained from specifying a timetable. This revelation comes amidst heightened tensions between the United States and China over Taiwan.

China’s Priority: Peaceful Reunification Over Use of Force

Three current and former U.S. officials shared that Xi Jinping emphasized China’s commitment to peacefully recovering Taiwan during a group meeting attended by officials from both nations. Contrary to public predictions by some U.S. military leaders about China’s plans to occupy Taiwan by 2025 or 2027, Xi asserted that these projections were inaccurate since he had not established a specific timetable.

Unmet Request: China Asks for U.S. Support in Public Statement on Taiwan, White House Declines

Before the summit, Chinese officials reportedly urged President Biden to issue a public statement endorsing China’s goal of peaceful reunification with Taiwan while disapproving of Taiwan’s independence. However, the White House rejected this request, indicating potential discord on the Taiwan issue between the two nations.

Diplomatic Implications and Presidential Dialogue

While the U.S.-China summit aimed to ease tensions, Xi’s candid warning to Biden regarding Taiwan has drawn attention due to China’s recent provocations and the upcoming Taiwanese presidential election. Officials characterized Xi’s communication as forthright and frank, emphasizing his consistent tough stance on Taiwan. Despite Xi expressing concern about Taiwan’s presidential candidates and acknowledging U.S. influence on the island, the need for China to move toward a resolution was underscored during the discussions.

Conclusion: Balancing Act in U.S.-China Relations

The revelations from the summit shed light on the delicate balance between the United States and China concerning Taiwan. Xi’s commitment to reunification without specifying a timetable raises questions about the trajectory of U.S.-China relations and the potential impact on regional stability. As Taiwan gears up for a presidential election, the island remains a focal point in the complex dynamics between these global powers, with the implications reverberating beyond bilateral relations to regional and international considerations.

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