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Xia Lian will visit the United States to talk about the second meeting between Ma and Xi: The greater the crisis, the greater the need for dialogue

Kuomintangvice presidentXia LianIn an exclusive interview with this newspaper on the 2nd, he said that Taiwan should maintain cross-Strait relations and at the same time maintain relations with the international community. It is not zero-sum, and the facts have proven that it is possible; He has visited China 9 times since becoming Vice President in 2021, and will visit China for the fourth time on the 4th. Depart for a trip to San Francisco andWashingtonOfficials from US executive departments and think tanks are expected to visit.

Rosenberg, president of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), is visiting Taiwan, former President Ma Ying-jeou is visiting China, and President Biden has spoken by phone with Chinese President Xi Jinping; Xia Lian returned from China this month and is now visiting the United States. He told that he represents the Kuomintang. The relationship between the United States and China is a two-way approach. This does not detract from the fact that during the Ma administration, there was considerable interaction with Beijing and participation in international activities.

He said that the Kuomintang’s China Affairs Director had gone to China to take care of most of the Taiwanese businessmen and convey the opinion of the Taiwanese people to the Chinese authorities. It was impossible to engage in conversation. If Beijing officials listened to the opinions reflected by the Kuomintang and took action, the people of Taiwan would benefit; And this kind of constant communication and exchange will continue, and everyone should gradually get used to it.

Xia Lian said that when relations between the United States and China were not handled so well, the leaders of the two countries still had phone calls, ministerial visits, and even people-to-people exchanges. There was hope; He said international friends, including the United States, were concerned about exchanges between the Kuomintang and China. The outlook is optimistic.

When Xia Lian served as chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council in 2015, he helped facilitate the meeting between Ma and Xi in Singapore. Now that Ma is visiting China for the second time after retiring as president, and may meet with Xi Jinping, Xia Lian said he has no contact with Ma and believes that as much The greater the crisis, the greater the need for dialogue to avoid miscalculation. Now the United States, China and Taiwan do not deliberately want to create controversy, but they are afraid that when an accident occurs, a small matter will turn into a big one. The current goal is to maintain communication channels.

It is understood that Xia Lian will meet Rosenberg in the greater Washington area during his current visit to the United States. Xia Lian said that she had many old friends to visit in the United States. The visit also represents the Kuomintang’s proposal to promote congressional reform and support the national defense reform of the Republic of China, countering the imposed anti-American label. by the Democratic Progressive Party, and the changes and transformations of the Kuomintang. The new image must be understood by the United States through direct contact.

It is understood that Xia Lian first left for San Francisco on the 4th to inspect the operations of the Kuomintang branch in the United States, arrived in Washington on the morning of the 7th, and began visiting US administrative departments and think tanks on the 8th Did. , and participated in the Washington Think Tank from the afternoon of the 10th. The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has invited experts and scholars from the United States, Japan, and Taiwan to participate in a closed-door military review of conflicts and gray zone operations. Across the Taiwan Strait.

The Kuomintang said that Xia Lian would meet with administrative department officials as usual and declined to say who he would meet with. In the past, when Kuomintang Chairman Zhu Lilun visited the United States two years ago, he went to the State Council and AIT Washington headquarters to meet with officials of the US executive departments.



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