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Xin Zhilei’s Unveiled Sweet Past: From Innocence to Palace Villain

From Sweet Beginnings to Palace Intrigues

Xin Zhilei, renowned for her portrayal of the scheming concubine Jin Yuyan in the palace drama “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace,” has recently become the subject of admiration as netizens discovered her early photos, showcasing a completely different side to the actress.

The Transformation of Xin Zhilei: Innocence to Villainy

At 37, Xin Zhilei’s journey in the entertainment industry began with her role in the TV series “Painted Skin.” Initially studying fashion design, she later transitioned to acting and garnered fame for her role as Concubine Jia in “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace.” In the series, she skillfully embodies the manipulative concubine who constantly schemes against Ruyi, portrayed by Zhou Xun, earning both praise and disdain from the audience.

Netizens Awed by Xin Zhilei’s Early Innocence

Participating in the reality show “Flowers and Boys,” Xin Zhilei’s early photos surfaced, revealing a markedly different persona from her villainous on-screen character. Netizens expressed their surprise and admiration for her youthful innocence, with comments like “Wow, it feels so cute and sweet” and “It’s so beautiful, it made me cry.” The revelation of Xin Zhilei’s past as a sweet and charming young girl has sparked a viral trend on Weibo, where fans reminisce about her earlier days in the industry.


Xin Zhilei, a 37-year-old mainland actress, rose to fame for her portrayal of Concubine Jia, the domineering antagonist in the palace drama “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace.” However, recent revelations of her early photos have left netizens in awe of her innocent and sweet past.

The actress, who initially pursued a career in fashion design, made her debut in the TV series “Painted Skin.” Her transformation from a fresh-faced newcomer to a captivating villain in “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace” showcases her versatility as an actress. In the series, Xin Zhilei’s character, Jin Yuyan, consistently engages in palace intrigues, sowing discord and framing the main character, Ruyi, played by Zhou Xun.

Recently, Xin Zhilei participated in the reality show “Flowers and Boys,” where netizens uncovered early photos that presented a striking contrast to her on-screen persona. The images depict a young Xin Zhilei with baby fat on her cheeks, radiating purity and cuteness. This revelation has sparked a social media trend with the hashtag “Xin Zhilei was also a sweet girl in the early days” trending on Weibo.

Netizens expressed their surprise and admiration for the actress’s previous innocence, with comments ranging from “It’s so good that I cried” to “It was so beautiful in the early stage.” The unexpected glimpse into Xin Zhilei’s past has resonated with fans, highlighting the stark difference between her real-life persona and the roles she portrays on screen.

As Xin Zhilei’s popularity continues to soar, her journey from a sweet young girl to a formidable actress in the entertainment industry remains a captivating narrative for fans and admirers alike.

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