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Xinhua News Agency: Chinese generals practice and conduct live ammunition

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Xinhua News Agency authority announcement, Chinese peoplePeople’s Liberation ArmyWill happenBeijingFrom 12:00 hrs on 4 August 2022 to 12:00 hrs on 7 August, in the following sea areas and airfields, important military training operations will be conducted, and ammunition will be held. especially:


25°15′26″N, 120°29′20″E, 24°50′30″N, 120°05′45″E, 25°04′32″N, 119°51′22″E, 25° N°28′12″, East Longitude 120°14′30″ Four-point joining line.

26°07′00″N, 121°57′00″E, 25°30′00″N, 121°57′00″E, 25°30′00″N, 121°28′00″E, 26° N °07′00″, East longitude 121°28′00″ four-point connecting line.

25°34′00″N, 122°50′00″E, 25°03′00″N, 122°50′00″E, 25°03′00″N, 122°11′00″E, 25° N°34′00″, East longitude 122°11′00″ four-point connecting line.

22°56′00″N, 122°40′00″E, 23°38′00″N, 122°51′00″E, 23°38′00″N, 123°23′00″E, 22° N °56′00″, East longitude 123 ° 09′00″ four-point connecting line.

21°14′00″N, 121°33′00″E, 21°33′00″N, 121°18′00″E, 21°07′00″N, 120°43′00″E, 20° N°48′00″, East longitude 120°59′00″ four-point connecting line.

22°43’00” N, 119°14’00” E, 22°10’00” N, 119°06’00” E, 21°33’00” N, 120°29’00” E, 22° N°09′00″, East longitude 120°32′00″ four-point connecting line.

For security reasons, ships and aircraft concerned must not enter the above sea areas and airspace during this period.



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