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Xu Zhizheng’s ex-wife runs an e-commerce store in China and earns “300 million” by selling goods and raising a child through these factors.

Taiwanese actress Chen Shiyi (formerly known as Chen Ping) is the stepdaughter of the late artist Qian Demen and the ex-wife of artist Xue Zhizheng. She was unable to take roles because she was not fluent in the Taiwanese language and moved to China for development, and made a name for herself in the live-streaming industry. Recently returned to Taiwan and revealed that she will set up a “Crazy Product Selection Manager” platform to help put Taiwanese products on the shelves. Talking about her 17-year-old son, she said that she met her husband’s relatives during Chinese New Year this year and still maintains a good relationship.

Chen Ziyi went to China to do businesse-commerceBecause he is familiar with upstream and downstream manufacturers, he has become the most upstream live broadcast delivery company, and also has his own company. I asked him whether he had made many pots of gold? Chen Shiyi laughed and said, “Yes, I have earned 300 million, and it is not easy to lose my memory and remember.” He revealed that while broadcasting live in China, he has to face youngsters many times younger than him. And their ideas must be constantly renewed. He also praised the youth on the other side of the Taiwan Strait. It is very competitive and a person can do many things at the same time. Compared to Taiwanese youth, they lack training.

Their 17-year-old son has inherited his tall and handsome looks from his parents. She is often worried about her son’s future and would use the same methods she used to train youth in China to educate children, but her son would answer her: “I’m only a high school student, don’t follow me. do it.” Talk about it.” HepandemicI have not returned to Taiwan for three years in China. As soon as I saw my son for the first time, I was scared: “How could he become a different person? Because in the past, I still felt that he was a junior high school student, but now he has really become a little adult.” Has gone.”

She returned to Taiwan this time to set up the “Crazy Selection Master” platform in the hope of bringing Taiwanese products to China for sale, and also launched classes to train Taiwanese live-streaming talents. She regretted that for seven years after getting involved in the e-commerce business, she relied on this: “No, only by accepting defeat and “can’t afford to lose” can I survive.” Cross in the future -The situation is unclear. She said that she would not trust buying a house or buying a house.investWhen saving money in stocks, funds, etc., I think cash is king, and only when you have money in hand, you can feel safe.

Chen Shiyi teaches people in China how to live-stream and sell goods and even demonstrates it himself. (Provided by Chen Shiyi)

Chen Ziyi will return to Taiwan and
Chen Ziyi will return to Taiwan and open the “Crazy Selection Master” platform. (Reporter Yang Qifeng/Photography)

Chen Ziyi teaches people how to live-stream and distribute goods in China.  (Provided by Chen Shiyi)
Chen Ziyi teaches people how to live-stream and distribute goods in China. (Provided by Chen Shiyi)

Chen Ziyi develops the live streaming industry in China.  (Provided by Chen Shiyi)
Chen Ziyi develops the live streaming industry in China. (Provided by Chen Shiyi)



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