XVI Festival El Convite de Tenzo Begins With Innovative “Gastronomic GPS”, Cundinamarca

U.S.A.XVI Festival El Convite de Tenzo Begins With Innovative...

The gastronomic event will rely on technology to present the dishes to the diners. HAMPTON MAGAZINE / AFP . Mark Saglioco/Getty Images for

Spice and technology will merge to make El Convite Gastronomic Festival One of the latest in the Cundinamarca department.

for the first time, This event will run for a whole month from November 28 to December 28. and through a virtual platform Users will be offered a 4K experience that will allow them to visit participating restaurants one-on-one from their screens, learning about their stories, products and prices.,

It would be a gastronomic route that would take A. will be directed by New GPS that will show in detail the many options available to assistants: 22 restaurants joined and Each of them will feature the best dishes on their menu for just $20,000 For the diners who venture out and be a part of this novel activity, Those who visit these establishments will have to state that they are part of this route and will be shown the dish served there.

,We have been working for several months to prepare this application, we have georeferencing each installation and we have programmed it so that When opening it, the user feels that he is on a traditional GPS with the difference that they are culinary routes., It can be accessed from the web pages and social networks of Tanjo’s Institute of Culture and Tourism and from the municipal mayor’s office.“, he pointed Felipe Gonzalez, Deputy Director of Tourism for Tenjo.

But innovation doesn’t just come from technical support, recognized influencers from the gastro sector will also be present to spread the experience to their online communities in the form of diners.

name like Los Insatiables, Dime_Caren, Discovering Cabbage Flavor, What’s the Beginning?, Foodtasticos, Maca-Bogotá Comidas, Jane Mora and Cheapfood Bogotá, will participate in the event and expose the essence of Tenzana Seasoning as yet another way of sharing Tenzan Recipes through their Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter profiles to their thousands of followers.

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s. dishes likeYotas Opa, Rice Flour, Valencian Paella As well as a number of preparations that combine national and international cuisine, the festival will have protagonists led by Tenjo Institute of Culture and Tourism,

Convite will become a program focused on the economic, tourism, cultural and of course gastronomic reactivation of this municipality and its 23,500 inhabitants.

“We cannot ignore the importance of the gastronomic sector for the municipality. Here we are working hard to re-energize culture and tourism, and how not to do it with something that represents us ancestors in the form of food. That’s why we invite all Colombians to join us this month and get to know the great culinary talent of Tenzo”, he said. Francisco Javier Gaten Junca, Director of the Institute of Culture and Tourism of the municipality.

The Cultural Revival: Tenzo’s Great Moment

The municipality has made great strides in reactivating its cultural activities and involving citizens in these processes. For samples, Second Chic Film Festival, an audiovisual exhibition that contained moments of relaxation and workshops for the community.

With decentralized activities, rolling screens and exhibition of the most engaging short films of the national event, The program was presented in 8 Tenzan villages so that rural households could enjoy another type of cinema rarely seen on ordinary television.,

The Second Chicou Film Festival was attended by directors, producers and filmmakers from the municipalities of Tabio, Tenzo, La Calera, Ricorte, Zipaquira, Cajica and Funza de Cundinamarca, Bogotá, Vila de Leyva de Boyacá, Nieva de Huila, Ibague. and Barranquilla and Sabana Grande del Atlántico.

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