Yandex has started delivering products in London

Economy NewsYandex has started delivering products in London

The Russian company Yandex has launched an analogue of Yandex.Lavki – a fast delivery service – in London, where it will operate under the international brand Yango Deli, reports TASS.

The company has opened four darkstores – local mini-warehouses – from which it will deliver products in the areas of Betnal Green, Butters, Bermonds and Acton, serving 1.4 million potential buyers.

According to CNBC, the Yango Deli service will intensify competition in the London market, where there are many applications for fast delivery of products – from the Turkish Getir to the German Gorillas. “The UK, and London in particular, is an interesting new market for Yango Deli, as the city is particularly well-suited for the darkstock model,” said Yevgeny Chernikov, Yango Deli’s CEO in the UK. According to her, in densely populated London, many busy people who appreciate the convenience of quick shopping without stress.

London became the second European city where an analogue of “Yandex.Lawki” appeared – since August 2020, the Yango Deli service has been operating in Paris. Earlier, in 2020, Yandex began delivering products to Israel. In Russia, Yandex.Lavka has been operating since 2019.


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