Friday, August 5, 2022

Yang Zi and Cheng Yi’s sadistic love of “Eggerwood is like pieces” earns tears and remains in a coffin to become “the coffin with the mussels”.

Yang Zi and Cheng Yi staged sadomasochism in the Chinese TV series “Eggerwood is Like Crumbs”. Because the immortal world dictates that it is necessary to cut love and love, and they have tasted “Enable to ask, love to leave”. Eight troubled, tragic plot of the world worries the audience; During rehearsal rehearsals, the two joked, danced and sang. They were lost by the audience: “Tears are all in vain.”

There are countless famous scenes in the play “Shane”, such as bathtub kisses and screen kisses that make people blush and heart palpitations; Aunt pulls eyelashes to make a wish, and lies in a coffin on her birthday, so it is said to be a real “coffin” with clamshells; Or a heart-wrenching farewell. In the first dozen episodes, the many crying scenes of Cheng Yi and Yang Zi won the tears of a lot of viewers. Both were described as the tyrannical of Xianxia plays and specialist actors of dry eye disease.

Yang Zi (right) and Cheng Yi lie in a coffin in “Agarwood Is Like Crumbs”, which is called “Coffin with Mussels”. (Photo: Provided by Longhua TV)

Yang Zi (left) and Cheng Yi are discussed with a tub kiss in “Eggerwood Is Like Crumbs”. (Photo: Provided by Longhua TV)

Yang Zi is known to have a “rich husband” physique, as long as the actor who played her would certainly become popular. Cheng Yi was inactive for 9 years, and became popular because “Liu Li” vomited blood more than 80 times. In addition, every subsequent play had blood hematemesis plots, so they were called the “professional family of hematemesis”; He was suffocated by blood plasma. While filming “Shane”, the staff thought he was immersed in the drama and was quite devoted.

Cheng Yi played a triangle this time in the play “Shen”. Whether it is in clothing style or in the eyes, viewers can easily tell the difference at a glance. Yan Dan will have a mischievous side; One called “scumbag” by netizens, Xuan Ye is Ying Yuan’s biological father; The other is Tang Zhou, who descended to earth and turned into a demon hunter.


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