Years before he was kicked out of school for threatening a girl with a knife, young man killed friend and tried to behead

U.S.A.Years before he was kicked out of school for...

15-year-old Marcel Grzeszcz stabbed Roberts Bancis in the neck, chest and abdomen more than 70 times.

A 15-year-old juvenile killer was found guilty of the death of another youth He stabbed her 70 times in the neck, chest and abdomen and tried to behead her in a brutal attack.

The victim’s name was Roberts Bansis, who was just two days away from celebrating his 13th birthday. Marcel Grasz, who was his friend, killed him for believing him to be a “snitch”.

According to what was learned at court, Greszak tried to behead his young victim and snatched his right hand or fingers during the horrific attack, which took place in the town of Fishtoft, Lincolnshire (England).

young killer received a Imprisonment for life if found guilty with imprisonment of not less than 16 years and 36 days His sentence should be reviewed.

According to the jury’s own statements, Grazzaz met with Roberts in Village Green (a place in town) to give the boy drugs and sell him.

However, the couple began to argue when the defendant did not receive the £50 sterling ($68) payment they had expected.

Roberts Bansis was two days away from his 13th birthday.
Roberts Bansis was two days away from his 13th birthday.

According to the respondent, his victim stabbed him with a knife and due to this he was injured “Losing control.”

Grzeszcz said he remembered Once stabbed the boy in the neck, but did not remember the other injuries the victim had suffered.

behind “brutal and prolonged assault ”, The murderer ran home and tried to hide the knife and burnt the clothes and gloves he was wearing.

Then he sent a message to his friends: “It didn’t have to be this way.”

Roberts’ body was found the day after December 12 of last year. The tip of the knife was still buried in his skull.

a troubled young man

The court also learned that this was not the first time Grzeszcz had behaved violently or threateningly towards other people. In contrast, he had a drug problem and a history of violence.

According to the killer, Roberts first stabbed him and because of this "lose control" Giving him a brutal attack.
According to the killer, Roberts first stabbed him and caused him to “lose control” with a brutal attack.

A mother from the middle school where the two boys attended said that Grzezz was kicked out of elementary school when he brought a knife into the classroom and threatened a classmate with it. He was barely 10 years old at the time.

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Grzeszcz Luego to Mudo a Heaven High Academy, Peru He was banned for selling drugs and sent to a student referral unit.

For his part, the victim’s father, Edgars, read aloud a moving statement in court in which he said he had lost his “fate and purpose.”

“My life is in the graveyard. I feel empty, it won’t change anything”, he claimed.

Another person who intervened in court was Detective Chief Inspector Richard Macszczyn of the East Midlands Special Operations Unit, who called off the attack. “brutal” and “meaningless” but with “disastrous consequences”.

The site where Roberts Bansis' body was found last December.
The site where Roberts Bansis’ body was found last December.

“This is a tragedy that has deeply affected the school and the local community, and it will be with all of us for the rest of our lives. The level of violence, and the children involved, makes it even more difficult to understand. Carrying a knife” There can be no greater message than this about the possible devastation that will happen.”, he claimed.

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