Yeh Hai Jung: Said- Palao was suspended from reality show for not respecting the judge

U.S.A.Yeh Hai Jung: Said- Palao was suspended from reality...

Said Palao has been suspended from This Is War for disrespecting the judge. (Photo: TV Capture)

Said Palao lived a tense moment on the set of This Is War due to his bad attitude with one of the reality judges. The court did not tolerate the actions of Reality Boy and decided to suspend him from the show till tomorrow, Friday, November 26.

All this happened when the pair alejandra begoria He didn’t follow one of the rules of the competition, so the judge approached him to punish. Far from listening to what he had to say, Model prompted the referee to continue competing.

Immediately, the production halted the game to announce a ban against Palao said, pointing out that judges of competitions should be respected, setting a precedent in reality.

,Mr. Saeed Palao has been suspended today. I don’t want anyone to speak, the pictures are clear, if you don’t know how to respect the judges, it’s over. Today the mics are completely offThe Court remarked.

Similarly, Gian Piero Diaz tried to come out in defense of Said Palao, but the court made it clear that she was not going to allow anyone to mistreat the judges of the program, so as not to back down in her decision. Was.

,Nothing justifies that reaction, the judge scores, the talk ends and he can speak. Mr. said quit studies“What’s the last thing the court said and then restarted the contest without the model’s presence on the television set.

Palao threatened to be removed from the EEG

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zero stamina. Tired of always being in the eye of the storm, production it’s war When he heard he decided to take matters into his own hands Palao said During one of the competitions.

Alejandra Begoria’s teammate was angry with Hugo García after he lost a word guessing test. According to the youngest in Palau, his companion’s reply was blown away, so he asked her not to speak.

Ignored by the production and the show’s hosts, Palao couldn’t help but give a smirk in front of the cameras, though he wasn’t heard. ,M’s liar…”, Was that rudeness that Reality Boy said.

It only took a few seconds for production to call him in front and warn him: he could be the next eliminate. Far from admitting his mistake, Sayeed asks her to explain what he had said.

,This is a production warning, once again you say words you should not mention in the program, it will be removed. After the program we will talk about this topic, The warning is clear, if not, you will be fired” said the popular ‘Mr.

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