You can now listen to all the songs that made up the soundtrack to the first Colombia-inspired Disney movie ‘Encanto’

U.S.A.You can now listen to all the songs that...

Frame provided by Disney where all the members of the Madrigal family appear during a scene in the animation film “Encanto”. EFE / Disney

Colombians have only a few days left to enjoy “Encanto,” the first Disney film inspired by the country. Amid the thrilling wait, Universal Music announced that all of the songs that made up the film’s soundtrack are now available, featuring voices and compositions by Carlos Vives and Sebastian Journey, among other artists. Released by Walt Disney Records and featuring original songs by Tony and Grammy Award-winning composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, and more, viewers will now be able to listen to the track listing across all digital platforms.

“Many of the rhythms are familiar to me, but the instrumentation and orchestration is different, and at times specific to Colombia. One of the funniest things is that the accordion is a central instrument of country music. I loved immersing myself in actors I didn’t know and diving deeper into actors I’ve always loved and grew up with, like Carlos Vives, with whom we were fortunate enough to work on this film. The whole process made me fall in love with Colombian music and culture and I really enjoyed being able to play in that space”. Miranda commented on the statement made by the label to the press. The music and orchestral arrangements were in charge of Germain Franco.

The song list bears the title with: ‘The Madrigal Family’; ‘A Magical Gift’; ‘Deep / in the weight’; ‘Nobody talks about Bruno’; ‘Inspiration’; ‘dos caterpillar’ (‘two caterpillars’); ‘Only You’ and ‘Columbia, My Charm’, Miranda wrote and produced eight original songs for Encanto, and Mike Elisondo co-produced them.

“I hope audiences sing these songs the way they do with so many other classic Disney movies (…). There are many positive messages about family and our relationships. I also hope that you can appreciate how diverse Colombian music is. I learned a lot about their rhythms and styles during the production process and I hope this soundtrack will be a gateway for the public to discover Colombian music.”Alisondo commented.

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The original soundtrack of the film ‘Encanto’ in Spanish explains the narration, It includes eight original songs, incidental music, instrumental versions, and an end-credits version of one of the film’s songs.

“Working with Jared Bush, Byron Howard, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Charis Castro Smith and Yvette Merino was a dream. We mixed traditional Colombian instruments with orchestras, such as trebles, bandolas, cununos, chonta marimba, Latin American llanera harp Create new textures and sounds using The band’s sound is influenced by several Colombian rhythmic styles such as bumbuco, maple, cumbia and zoropo. Incidental music and arrangements are constantly intertwined with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s beautiful lyrics. I hope this musical picture refers to the landscape of Colombia, gives an account of the tenacity of our hero, Mirabelle, his family, and our shared humanity”, said Germaine Franco.

Notably, the feature film was directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard; Co-directed by Cherise Castro Smith and produced by Yvette Merino and Clark Spencer. The screenwriters were Bush and Castro Smith. The artist is composed of the talents of Colombian artists María Cecilia Botero (Grandma Alma); Mauro Castillo (Felix); Angie Cepeda (Julietta); Carolina Gaten (Pepa); Maluma (Mariano); Olga Lucia Vives (Mirabel) and Alejandro Riano (Bruno).

Carlos Vives, who spoke with Infobe in the past, revealed that the main theme of the song was the conclusion of hours of work and trips around the national territory by the soundtrack’s creators. “They visited Bogotá, Medellin, they went to Cartagena, they were taken to Palenque (…), many of them, who did not speak Spanish (…) del Oblivido’, where was ‘pa maite’ (. ..) They were looking for that reference. When I arrive at the project, I receive a material from them, I understand what they are looking for (…)revealed.

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