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“Your background is too fake” Xinjiang anchor became popular and drove the whole network P-picture tide

xinjiangYuli guy @borderalimu recently became “the most fake anchor on the whole network”. This little brother broadcasts live in beautiful nature every day, but because his wild appearance is incompatible with the beautiful scenery, when he broadcasts live, the comment area is full of netizens complaining: trees fake, water fake , human imitation, etc. Some people complained “your live broadcast p-picture technology is really good”.

Video Source: YouTube

BeijingThe Youth Daily reported that in the face of everyone’s collective crackdown on counterfeiting, Alimu didn’t panic at all. Not only did he pick up and “drift” the stones on the ground, he also washed his head and brushed his teeth on the river, to prove the background of the live broadcast “testing the water with his body”. Authenticity of rivers in China. The funniest part is that with his backhand he threw the bucket behind him into the creek. As a result, the bucket nearly washed out with water, so he had to flip it over to retrieve the bucket. How fast it is when throwing, how shameful it is when lifting.

The report said that to prove that it was not a fake background, the bucket was also lost and the shoes were also lost. Sometimes he even risks being warmly welcomed by the bees, pulling the hardworking bees by the stamens just to ask you, “Is this a fake background?”

live screen. (taken from Beijing Youth Daily)

live screen.  (taken from Beijing Youth Daily)
live screen. (taken from Beijing Youth Daily)

No matter how Alimu tried his best, Xinjiang is very sunny, and Alimu is dark, intertwined like a “matte mat”, thousands of netizens see it at first glance, it is a kind of magic that human The effect isolates the landscape.

Reportedly, the overall style of the painting gradually deviated, and netizens began relaying P picture and Erchuang ghosts and beasts videos with happy clips of Alimu chasing the barrel, which seems to be Alimu’s original. Sounds more real than the author. Now all major short video editing software can download the corresponding template directly, so you can take Alimu wherever you want, as long as you want.

Seeing that everyone was excited about the “fake background” discussion, Alimu began to find a new way and inspired everyone to switch between different backgrounds: the time difference between Xinjiang and most regions. To popularize, show Xinjiang’s sunset beauty, and recommend Xinjiang Featuring netizens of pure honey and dried fruits.

@FrontierAlimu, whose real name is Liu Yuanjie, is only 25 years old this year. He is recognized as the president of the Beekeeping Association of Yuli County, Xinjiang.

The reason for starting the live broadcast is because Liu Yuanjie found that the quality of honey in Xinjiang was very high during his inspection in Xinjiang. However, due to restrictions on sales channels, freight traffic and other factors, honey was not salable in large quantities. , and live broadcasting allowed more people to see and pay attention. For high quality honey in Xinjiang, in order to prove the quality of honey, Liu Yuanjie tried his best to restore the most genuine working environment and state. He did not bring any protective equipment, and he tried to calmly bring the dense honeycomb surrounded by bees. After he was bitten a dozen times, after a live broadcast, his entire face was red and swollen.

broadcast livee-commerceIn more than three months, Liu Yuanjie was bitten by bees two to three hundred times. It also allowed them to figure out how to get along with bees: if they were bitten by a bee, they would simply pull out the sting and continue the live broadcast. Liu Yuanjie joked: “I already have antibodies.” As the number of stings increased along with the number of people in the live broadcast room, honey sales reached two to three hundred bottles a day.

Before this explosion, her works were featured on CCTV news in March, and this year she was named “Happy Country Leader”. “Xinjiang is my second hometown, and my efforts are meant to help my hometown get rid of poverty,” he said.

“Your background is too fake” caused a frenzy of P-pictures all over the Internet, and there was even a green screen version, netizens: “I knew it was fake!” (video screenshot)


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