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YouTuber Fung Brothers: Work hard to show off your culture and people will like you more

Feng Diwen (left) and the Feng Dixiong brothers have been YouTube bloggers for over ten years and are proud of their Asian identity. Chen Wanling / Photography

Reporter He Zhuoxian / Filming, Editing

Ten years ago at the beginning of the self-media era, brothers Fang Dewen and Fang Bros joined the ranks of YouTubers;AsianAfter the video for “Things Asian Parents Do” became popular, they have since become representative of Asian bloggers, humorously presenting food, cross-cultural and ethnic conflicts to the general public, “when you guys give you more Like when you work hard to show your native culture and history.”

Where are the Fang brothers locatedManhattanin his home, with familiar backgrounds in his videos – the Manhattan Bridge, the Confucius Building andchinatown, all of which have been integrated into their lives. Fang Diwen said that his father grew up in Hong Kong and his mother was from Shandong. “They were the first immigrants to enter the United States after Nixon opened the country. In a sense, they are what people call a model minority. )”.

During their nearly ten years of self-media work, the two have understood different cultural orientations, cultural gaps, personal motivations and goals. “People like you more when you try harder to present your culture and history. They may be skeptical at first, and even start to self-doubt you. But in the long run In time, people will eventually see that you have the backbone, the vision, and the consistency. I think that’s the most important thing that people need to understand.” The brothers said they hope that young Asian Americans have a new life. The generation will understand that you must have the right value orientation, otherwise what you do has no effect, even just copying what others do; getting to the heart of things, going back to the source, your follow the heart

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