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Yu Aoi became a mother and wept bitterly on her husband’s show

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JapanActress come you become mother! He married comedian Ryota Shanli in June 2019, and announced her pregnancy in February this year. Japanese media reported that she had recently successfully given birth to a daughter. Ryota Yamari gave the audience the good news on a radio show late last night, saying, “The kid is so cute and invincible.”


As a goddess, Yu Aoi was shocked by showbiz when she announced her marriage to Ryo Yamanaka. Netizens didn’t think much of the two, believing that the man was not only 9 years older than her, but also unattractive in appearance. However, despite the rumours, the couple is still very much in love. The 36-year-old received blessings from all sides while announcing the news of her pregnancy.

Shanli Ryota was diagnosed a few days ago and only returned to work last week. While hosting a radio show late last night, he personally shared the good news by saying that he has become a father, and that his daughter is really sweet.cell phoneThe tablecloth was replaced by a daughter, and the joy of becoming a father was fully revealed. He also said that the moment he met his daughter for the first time, he cried, and he also thanked his wife, Yu Aoi, for taking care of the child with great care.



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