Yuya’s partner Siddharth poses with Maru for the first time

U.S.A.Yuya's partner Siddharth poses with Maru for the first...

Yuya showing off her pregnancy with her fellow singer Sidharth (Photos: Instagram: @Yuyacst)

Jorge Siddhartha Gonzalez Ibarras, popularly known as Siddharth, created a sensation on the social network by posting a picture where he posed for the picture. loading kill, The image turned the internet around, as there have been a few occasions when the musician has shared his intimacy with his fans, mainly details about his relationship with them. Yuya,

In recent times, Mariand Castrejón Castañeda has gone viral on the internet for some of her publications, where she revealed her aspect as a mother. Because of this excitement, her partner decided to show her what it was like to be reunited with her child after being physically absent for weeks due to work reasons.

It was through Instagram that Sidharth shared his first public picture with little one. The singer posed while sitting on a brown chair holding the nearly two-month-old baby. A native of Guadalajara, Jalisco wrote in the description: “to love,

(Capture: @iamsiddhartha/Instagram)
(Capture: @iamsiddhartha/Instagram)

The publication quickly went viral on social networks, as Siddhartha rarely gave details of his personal life. The comments section was filled with messages of love and affection for the happy family, with the influential man himself in the presence who held only two white hearts.

Kalanchoe was also present and limited himself to remarks: “sensual“Next to the heart-eyed emoji. Spanish interpreter Ana Toroja shared the Mexican singer’s joy and congratulated him: “Oh, is that so. Congratulations!!”,

Last week, Yuya went viral on the internet for an adorable video that he posted on his Instagram stories. In the audiovisual passage, it was possible to appreciate the influential man carrying and moving Mara while his pet Majo accompanied them. The publication was a gift to the youtuber’s most loyal followers, who quickly noticed they could see the baby’s face.

Despite the fact that the businessman did not cover his son’s face, he took the necessary measures to protect his identity. For this Yuya recorded video with her cell phone camera and the distance between them, she also captured the gentle moment against the light, thanks to the glow entering her room through a window, of the baby. The face was not defined.

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Thanks to this, the 28-year-old influencer is determined to honor the secret of her child, an intention she manifested before she was even born. The YouTuber expressed her intention through her network, as she assured that she wanted to honor the march as she is not a public figure. However, he commented that in the future he would let his son decide whether he wanted to appear in the network, in the meantime he would only give glimpses of her life as a new mom.

,I’m Watching Yuya’s Story With March: ‘Hey, Don’t Crave’“,” Crying because Yuya lets us meet March, “the peace that yuya transmits“How nice to see Yuya with her desired motherhood”, were some of the comments invading Twitter on the subject.

Yuya shared a photo with her son Mara Photo: Instagram / @yuyacst
Yuya shared a photo with her son Mara Photo: Instagram / @yuyacst

Later, Yuya posted a series of pictures on the same platform where she shared her experience of feeding her baby. While she was feeding her son, the affected person was photographed and in a way, she had put herself in favor of breastfeeding.

,Just worship here, love my maara, all day outside with the mirror in the picture, but without combing my hair and my pajamas. Totally questioning me,” he wrote next to the images.

It was last September 29 when Yuya and Sidharth became Maar’s parents and every time they post something about their family on the social network, they go viral.

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