Zacatecas: These are 9 municipalities without police and in trouble that the National Guard will shield

U.S.A.Zacatecas: These are 9 municipalities without police and in...

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After a violent wave that left nine municipalities zacatecas, the federal government has promised that Will send National Guard to supply public safety Displaced by Norco.

according to report from national defense secretary (Sedena) is about villa garcia, loreto And Cuautemoc City, in range aguascalientis And Guanajuato,

in addition to the following Mount Escobedo, tapetongo, in the southwest and on the border from Jalisco, as well as the municipalities in the north, in the border with coavilla, Melchor Ocampo And mazapilo,

There is no police officer to protect the citizens in those demarcations. The Secretary of Security of Zacatecas has specified by this medium that in those places State and federal forces maintain a presence, under a coordination scheme through State Board of Peacebuilding and Security,

“I know Raises National Guard for Municipalities That Don’t Have Police and military security posts in all communication channels reaching the state,” he told Zacatecas. Said to Luis Crescencio Sandoval, holder of the Sedna.

“One of the agreements we have set out on the table is strengthen these municipalities , In addition to the numbers we have already considered,

The army chief explained that Only one National Guard station operates in the state. and is located in jerezo, While the process of equipping the capital with facilities will be expedited, Rio Grande And Moyahua de Estrada,

“According to the instructions of the President, We’re going to make this a high priority”, he assured.

Between 2022 and 2023, Three facilities in Fresnillo, two in Zacatecas, two in Guadalupe, in one Valparaiso and an inch sombrerete, In total, nine.

“The beginning of the year, once we have the resourcesWe’re going to accelerate these companies to be able to start building them right away.”

Sandoval Gonzalez said that a year before the end of the president‘s six-year term Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Zacatecas will have 16 National Guard Facilities: 13 which will be companies, plus one state coordinator and two battalion coordinators.

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Across the state, a reinforcement is proposed with federal officials 3 thousand 848 agents, the division of the state, as well as . Using the three helicopter gunships NS Army And this National Guard,

There 2,114 elements of sedna in which state, 1,744 are operational, From National Guard they do 1,800 agents, from them, 1,644 in security operations. However, those forces will be gradually increased. they add to 1,137 State Police and the rest of the municipalities they represent in total, 5,177 men across Zacatecas,

In the industrial and commercial part of Zacatecas, in the center, most military personnel would be concentrated with 1,940 agents; While in the South they will be 1,104 and in the North just 804.

every 30 days, assured the general, there would be a evaluation of efforts, At that point, it will be determined which areas or areas need priority attention or what results the applied strategy will bring.

Photo: Facebook / Cesar Rojo
Photo: Facebook / Cesar Rojo

Zacatecas a. lives in the middle narcoguera in which Sinaloa Cartel against him Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG). Therefore, they are fragmented, with alleged rivals hanging over bridges and firing relentlessly.

one cell charge Ismail Zambada Garcia, The myo, designated operational MZ yo arrow group, was stationed in the demarcation to face the people led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, The mencho, who have been helped by leaders like listen to forest flowers yo Gabriel Raigosa Plascencia, Gardner, as well as its calling elite group,

Agents of Loreto, Villa García and Cuautémoc have resigned, requested advance permits or been murdered by members of organized crime. Now relevant actions are expected to reduce violence with the National Guard.

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