Zapatero meets with Maduro ahead of election in Venezuela

WorldZapatero meets with Maduro ahead of election in Venezuela

  • The former president of the government is in Caracas this Sunday as an international observer of local elections

president of venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, received this Saturday the former chairman and mediator of the government in the talks between the government and the opposition, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, at the Miraflores Palace the day before the local and regional elections. Zapatero is in Venezuela as an international observer on election day.

election this Sunday, in which In addition to the legislative chambers of the regions and municipalities, the mayor and the governor shall be elected, They have garnered a lot of interest, as this is the first time since 2017 that the opposition has gone to the polls in an electoral contest with the ruling party.

Maduro took advantage of this situation to recall that in 2019 Venezuela had “a dual intent of power“, in reference to the announcement of then-president Juan Guaidó of parliament as interim president, a decision that has received support from several countries. Was.

As a continuation of that situation, Guaidó and a small group of deputies did not recognize the National Assembly. (AN, parliament) elected in 2020 and hold meetings of a representative commission as an extension of the previous legislation, a figure used for the very specific and short duration of the AN.

However, Maduro recognized that those who register to participate in these elections and voters recognize the new parliament, the current National Electoral Council (CNE), were elected.

These elections will be held for the first time in fifteen years, a Electoral Oversight Mission of the European Union (EOM-EU) the target of various attacks by Chavista leaders, led by Portuguese MEP Isabel Santos.

This Saturday, again, Maduro criticized what it believed was the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, and rejected that it is worth more than the observation made by those who accompanied him at the Miraflores Palace, all of them ideologically invited very close to the President.

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The EU-EOM, which has not succumbed to provocations by the ruling party since its arrival in the country, continued its meetings with various political forces and held meetings with the two-time presidential candidate this Saturday. Henrik Capriles, as well as with Maria Corina Machado, the most radical voice of the opposition.

“With MEP MOE-UE Venezuela 2021 In his observational work, he meets various political parties. The purpose of the meetings held with representatives of the ruling party and the opposition is to analyze the electoral panorama of Venezuela,” the mission wrote on its Twitter account.

He also confirmed that Santos will conduct his inspection work tomorrow in Caracas and its metropolitan area, where he will visit several polling stations.

While 100% polling stations are already ready, security deployment Finalizing the limit on the day that there would be approximately 100,000 members of the Bolivian militia, a unit of civilians affected by Chavismo, uniformed and armed, was included as a special component of the armed forces.

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The commander of that body, Major General Vistohor Chaurio Andrade, assured that their tasks would include “security and biosecurity in election centres”, as well as “in strategic facilities and rapid response units”.

As such, as has been the case in previous elections, including the 2020 legislative election, the entrance and inside of polling stations will often have images of militiamen.

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