Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Zeng strongly advocates cooperation with Russia, Finland’s foreign minister supports NATO’s entry into NATO: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine marks a turning point

Finland’s Foreign Minister Havisto.Reuters

The British BBC reported that Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Havisto had advocated cooperation with Finland.RussiaClose engagement and cooperation, but now support for Finland’s early entry into NATO and the recognition of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, mark a turning point in Finland’s abandonment of decades of military non-alignment.

If (hopefully) Finland’s parliament approves NATO membership, Finland will formally announce its application for membership from next Monday, Harvesto said. He told the BBC that it was about Finland’s security.

Swedenruling party societyDemocratsA formal decision on joining NATO will be made on the 15th and a formal application will be submitted next week. However, the Swedish public is not so excited to join NATO. However, Havisto pointed out that because Finland and Sweden have traditionally cooperated closely in defence, if you ask the Swedish people whether they would follow suit if Finland joins NATO, to join membership. Support will increase by 10 percentage points.

Sweden Russia Democratic Party

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