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Zhao Liying, divorced for 3 years, Feng Shaofeng rarely talks about his 5-year-old son with red eyes: I love him very much

Mainland actor Feng Shaofeng andzhao liyingHe and Feng Shaofeng did a fake show in the movie “Journey to the West: Daughters’ Country” and the TV series “Do You Know? Do You Know? It Must Be Green, Fat, Red and Thin”. She had a flash wedding in 2018 and gave birth to a son the next year. Their marriage ended in 2021; Recently, Feng Shaofeng rarely talked about living with his 5-year-old child during the promotion of the new movie “The Oriole Behind”. Son. Her eyes turned red during the process and she immediately turned to the internet.weiboHot search.

The mainland crime suspense film “The Little Mermaid” was recently released. Protagonists Feng Shaofeng and Huang Mengying appeared at the premiere in Beijing and spoke to the audience after the film’s screening. In addition to sharing the filming process at the scene, Feng Shaofeng also sang the Korean version of the theme song “Do You Know Whether It’s Green, Fat, Red, and Thin”; However, the evening’s focus was still on Feng Shaofeng describing how she took care of her 5-year-old son alone after her divorce from Zhao Liying.

He was asked, “What does it feel like to be a capable parent?” He said that he loves his children very much, “I will talk to my children in an adult way, and I will cherish this wonderful experience He also said that in the process of becoming a father, I am not that good, so I continue to grow. “A good relationship between children and parents is the greatest success.” Feng Shaofeng’s eyes also turned red due to emotion and it immediately became a trending topic on Weibo.

Zhao Liying once said frankly that because the financial situation of Feng Shaofeng’s family was relatively good, so after the two discussed it, they decided to give their son to Feng Shaofeng’s family for care. Zhao Liying was also photographed from time to time picking up her son out of Feng Shaofeng’s house for a walk, and drove her son back to her husband’s house on time the next day. It can be seen that the two have not turned against each other after the divorce; But Zhao Liying has been working hard to promote the new drama “Hong Kong Feng” recently, and unexpectedly “same frame” with Feng Shaofeng.

Some media reports pointed out that while promoting the new work, in addition to the beautiful photos, Zhao Liying was also criticized for not fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother after the divorce. It was said that she only focused on developing her career in filming dramas, and she was overwhelmed by the barrage of negative comments.

Feng Shaofeng promoted his new drama “The Yellow Bird Behind” and shared his life as a father. (video screenshot)



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