Saturday, August 13, 2022

Zhao Wei was banned from Shenyin for 1 year and appeared at Beijing airport for looking young

Actresszhao weissIn August last year, it was suddenly reported that he had been listed as a “bad actor” and banned by the Chinese authorities. Not only was his Weibo blocked, but many of his starring works were also taken off the shelves of major video platforms. .It is rumored that Zhao Wei and her husband have fled to France, but it is also reported that she is in her hometown of Anhui, and was photographed showing up again in December last year.Hong Kong, Recently, he was photographed showing her againBeijingAirport, heated discussion broke out.

Hong Kong 01 reported that Zhao Wei has been in hiding ever since she was rumored to be blocked, and her Weibo has been suspended for 9 months. In June of this year, she posted a message on IG story to mourn her father, revealing that his father passed away, and said out of heart: “And I have nothing.. ..” However, he later quickly removed the text, leaving only a picture of a Buddha statue.

Almost a year after his whereabouts became a mystery, Zhao Wei was photographed at Beijing airport a few days ago. Zhao Wei dressed casual that day, with shoulder-length hair tied in a double braid, wearing a baseball cap and mask; He looked down at his phone as he walked, briskly, and there was a female companion next to him. Zhao Wei did not nod when she saw the camera, her eyes were tender, and she continued with her original program to board the plane.

Even if it was just a quick glance, many fans were still surprised and left messages: “Can I come back”, “I miss her so much”, “I really love her”. Want to see”, and netizens also heatedly discussed: ” Fresh? Haven’t seen in a long time.”

The long-hidden Zhao Wei was recently photographed at Beijing airport. (courtesy from weibo)

Last year, Zhao Wei was filming an adaptation of the American drama “On the Basis of Sex” in the series “Battle of the Roses”, but was banned after news that she was banned. was also changed. starring Yuan Quan; Many speculate that she has left China, but Zhao Wei still announces that she is still in Beijing.


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