Zorito ‘Run Run’: Her Parque de Las Leyendas . Legal action has been filed to remove from

U.S.A.Zorito 'Run Run': Her Parque de Las Leyendas ....

, Photo: Park of Legends

The famous little fox run was captured by the National Forest and Wildlife Service (Serfer) on November 9 in the district of Comas. There were several attempts to catch up, but the result was with drones and tranquilizer serums.

Run Run was known because Mrs Maribel Sotello bought it for s/50 in the center of Lima as if it were a dog, as the seller told her. However, this little animal actually began to behave strangely, as it was an Andean fox (Lyclopex culpeus). He entered the corridors of others in the Sol Nascente de Comas neighborhood and ate chickens. Although he played with children and other animals, Run Run could not be a dog.

After his capture, he was admitted to Park of Legends. There he was quarantined to avoid possible transmission of the virus to other animals. They took blood samples and tested their kidney and liver function. They were later moved to a larger location in the main zoo in Lima.

The story of the little fox went around the world. Journalists from TV Azteca and Millenio (Mexico), Italian medium La Stampa and British medium Sky News reported the matter. Her story was also published in the Dutch daily De Telegraaf and the Turkish daily Sabah. Run Run Naam made it to China‘s TVB News.

In view of what happened in the Parque de las Leyendas, a legal battle has been started for the fox to be transferred to a wildlife conservation center for possible future release in a natural environment.

run run legal battle

Emparo’s lawsuit against Cerfa and the Municipality of Lima (MML) – which manages the Parque de las Leyendas – was presented by Peruvian Institute for Legal Advice on Environment and Biodiversity (Ipalema) Before the Constitutional Court of Lima.

President of this organization, lawyer Sonia Cordova Araujo, their letter questions why Cerfor has decided to lock the run in the Parc de las Leyendas without the relevant assessment and “leave any form of reintegration into a controlled natural environment, but without any physical barriers such as defenses”. Center or a Wildlife Conservation Center”.

NS wild animal law Article 95 indicates that these wildlife conservation centers are “facilities, public or private, for the maintenance of endangered wildlife species in captivity for the purpose of conservation, protection, reproduction, resettlement, re-population or relocation.” For a wild animal to be admitted to one of these shelters it must be approved by the surfer.

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In addition, the above law establishes that action must be taken to privilege the release, provided that it allows to protect ecological aspects, natural distribution, public health, environmental health and animal health. If these conditions do not progress, the person may already think of incarceration or eventually euthanasia.

“According to this standard rule, the wildlife authority has not had to choose the recruitment of run run into a zoo as the first option, as this option of life in captivity proceeds only in the absence of the possibility of returning the animal. a natural habitat or freedom in some wild animal management area, a place that, although this may not be the habitat from which it came, is a place where it can live in freedom without physical constraints, but a is a place controlled by the management plan. State”, indicated in the application.

Parque de las Leyendas would not be a suitable location because as a zoo its purpose is entertainment and education, and does not seek the reintegration of rescued animals, According to the applicant. “By placing it in a zoo they have condemned the little fox Run Run for being the object of our curiosity and morbidity, another object of exhibitionism”, it reads in writing.

Being confined to the park would cause a lot of ‘grief and anxiety’ to run. “For an animal to overrun a space with barriers, loneliness and isolation is one of the worst forms of abuse”Confirms plaintiff.

This would go against the constitutional duty of the state for the welfare of domestic and wild animals. In a 2010 judgment, The Constitutional Court held that “inflicting unnecessary pain on animals is a breach of the duty to respect and protect the environment, imposed by Article 2, Article 22 of the Constitution”.,

The lawsuit is also based on the Articles of Law on the Protection and Welfare of Animals (Law 30407) who believes that domestic and wild animals are sentient beings; Therefore, any form of abuse that causes harm, unnecessary suffering that changes their behavior, injures or causes death should be avoided.

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